#1 Mistake When Taking CBD Oil

We are here to tell you the #1 mistake people make when they start using CBD oil for the first time The answer is dosing

It is important to note that you do not receive exact dosing information as you would for a RX The amount of oil is not based on a person's weight or general size – at least in the beginning This is equivalent to approximately 7 drops When you begin taking CBD oil, your body needs time to adjust to the presence of CBD in your system Every person has a different endocannabinoid system

Some may experience immediate effect while others take longer One of the possible benefit is improved sleep That is one of the most common benefit from my experience Other possible benefits include decreased feelings of anxiousness You feel more balanced

To start, you should take five drops in the morning and late afternoon/evening For the PM dose, you may want to take it late afternoon as some have commented that it can give you energy I take mine on an empty stomach It is only a suggestion, not a requirement I'm trying not to drop as I do not want to waste it

I already took my dose this morning Take five drops sublingually (under the tongue) If you are unsure of the amount, you can always count Taking it under the tongue allows for maximum absorption After dropping it under your tongue, try to hold the oil

It is hard to do in the beginning, but it gets easier It was hard for me as I would swallow it quickly With more practice, I started to hold it for at least a minute It is also encouraged that you do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes afterwards Sometimes I don't wait for a full 30 minutes but I don't drink immediately after taking CBD oil

This allows for best absorption Then, you can resume your regular routine And some people only need five drops to feel any difference Others may not feel any difference In that case, you may want to add two drops after two weeks

Start taking 5 drops in AM and PM for two weeks Track your progress on the phone You may want to put down your start date and how you feel each day We tend to think we will remember the details In reality, though, we tend to forget the small details so put it down somewhere

If after two weeks you do not feel any difference, add two drops or up to 5 more (10 drops in total) Response to CBD will vary Some say that after adding more drops that they experienced headaches or feel more tired In that instance, you might cut back until you find the right dose For others, five drops two times a day is perfect

One other thing, some believe if they take more that it will work faster That is not the case It is truly a process to find your sweet spot Patience and consistency is required when figuring out what works for you and your body You can't miss a day here or there

Remember to take it EVERYDAY for best results That is why they offer you a 30-day money back guarantee It gives you time to see for yourself I think the hard part is you have to trust yourself to know what is working for you People expect to feel dramatically different when in reality the changes are subtle

Sometimes people feel it is not working and they stop using it It is only then that they realize it had been working all along Thereafter, they swear not to go without CBD ever again Everyone has a different experience I hope you find this information helpful

Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you We want to help you find your sweet spot See you guys later!


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