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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Officer Beth Kerr with the North Platte Police Department said they have found several businesses in North Platte selling CBD Oil.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said it's illegal to possess, manufacture, distribute or dispense CBD in Nebraska.

Officer Kerr said the police aren't the ones that decide if it's legal, they just have to enforce.

“I don't have an opinion as far as the North Platte Police Department we don't have a personal opinion it's just that the Nebraska Attorney General has told us that it is illegal and it's a controlled substance and we're not here to debate the law, we don't make the law, we just enforce it,” said Kerr.

Kerr said there is a punishment if people are found using or selling it, “It's considered to be a controlled substance which ends up being a class four felony so people cannot use it, they cannot possess it, they cannot sell it and if they are caught, they could be arrested for possession or distribution of a controlled substance.”

There is a Legislative Bill that is looking to legalize marijuana in Nebraska.

“Legislative Bill 659 is currently going through our government to legalize marijuana and as far as I understand, it will also legalize CBD oil so as far as our local citizens if they want to advocate for that then by all means find the process to do so and go do it,” said Kerr, “Until then, CBD oil will remain illegal. It's a felony it could be prison time.”

Kerr said currently the only type of CBD oil allowed to be consumed in Nebraska is FDA approved ‘Epidiolex' available from a healthcare provider only used for a very severe form of epilepsy.

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