Downtown Macon restaurant pulls CBD oil off food after ‘health code violation’ citing –

MACON, Ga. — WGXA reported Monday that Cannabidiol — or hemp-derived CBD oil — is in fact legal to consume.

Harp and Bowl LA Bistro in Macon was adding it to smoothies and acai bowls.

However, the Georgia Department of Health said it's not an approved food additive under FDA guidelines.

Carla Coley, director of environmental health at the North Central Health District, said if there's something a restaurant is adding that hasn't been approved by the FDA, then it's a violation.

“There is actually a list that we go by of several hundred things that we compare against to see if that can be placed into the food,” Coley said. “And that particular product does not happen to be an approved food additive,” Coley said.

So if there's anything that's not on that list, it can't be added to food in a restaurant, she said. Read the FDA's list of approved food additives here.



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