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WARSAW — Jennifer Young says she was on a vacation in Arizona back in May when she saw how CBD products helped her aunt’s back problems.

So she was inspired and sought to sell the Wellphora brand locally.

A mere four months later, she’s opened Earthly Healing — located at 10 West Buffalo St., it’s the first store dedicated exclusively to CBD products in Wyoming County.

“I opened yesterday,” she said Tuesday. “Today’s the second day. They’re doing a ribbon cutting on the 23rd.”

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. Wellphora makes a high-quality version which it says can assist with a variety of symptoms such as pain management, battling anxiety, treating epilepsy and more.

The products are still relatively new to the general market and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — while recognizing the popularity of CBD products — is working to learn more about their safety.

But CBD has some enthusiastic supporters, and Earthly Healing offers a range of products from pain cream to gummies.

“It’s not marijuana,” Young said. “It’s from the hemp plant. The same cannabinoid come from hemp.”

So that means all the healing properties associated with the hemp plant, but without, or with only a minimal trace amount of THC, the chemical that makes people high.

“This is one of the largest-selling line of products in Phoenix, Ariz.,” Young said. “Everywhere you go, CBD stores are everywhere if you go out west. They’re like McDonald’s. There’s CBD stores you go in and there’s probably 20 different lines (of products).”

The product is totally legal, and the Wellphora line includes everything from products for treating bad backs, to even a product for pets.

“Most people take it for sleeping and anxiety,” she said. “The next thing people take it for is pain. And then for severe cases of PTSD and people getting off of opiates — that’s what a lot of people use it for.”

Young said she had initially meant to offer the CBD products at farmers’ markets, but thy proved so popular at Warsaw’s sidewalk sales that she decided to open a formal location. And she’s already building a customer base.

Her store’s currently at a “soft opening” stage, with the official opening set for the ribbon cutting.

“I had a really good day yesterday and it’s a good product,” she said.

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