Hemp is legal this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s new – The Columbian

While the hemp plant has been federally illegal for over fifty years, this close cousin to marijuana has a treasured history in the United States. Founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew the useful plant on their estates while Benjamin Franklin used the plant in the production of paper. There is a very good chance the first drafts of The Constitution were penned on hemp paper. Although the plant may seem new, in Jamestown, one of America’s earliest colonial settlements, all farms were ordered to grow hemp all the way back in 1619. The plant became illegal in the 20th century, with the last field planted in 1957. Prohibition of the hemp plant ended with the introduction of the 2014 Farm Bill which reopened the industrial hemp market. The 2018 Farm Bill has further reduced restrictions on the plant, removing it from the Controlled Substance Act, legalizing interstate commerce beginning in 2019. A plant once loved by the founding fathers, can finally be grown by Americans again.Source: https://www.columbian.com/sponsored/hemp-is-legal-this-year/


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