House passes bill allowing THC CBD oil for medical treatment, heads to Senate – WIBW

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) With a strong majority, the has passed a bill that would allow people with life-threatening medical conditions to get treatment with CBD oil with a small amount of THC.

The bill, pushed by a Wichita-area couple, was approved 89-35. House Bill 2244, known as “Claire and Lola's Law,” is now moving on to the Senate.

Gwen and Scott Hartley said the bill could save their 12-year-old daughter's life. Lola suffers from microcephaly, a medical condition in which a child's brain doesn't fully develop and the child has an abnormally small head for his or her age. The condition has already claimed the life of Lola's older sister, Claire, who died at the age of 17 in December 2018.

Specifically, “Claire and Lola's Law,” named after the Hartley girls, “authorizes the use of cannabidiol treatment preparation to treat certain medical conditions.”



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