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Weed hangover: Is it real? What are the symptoms of a cannabis hangover? What causes it and how you can avoid it, here’s everything you need to know.

“Some users have reported that they have never experienced a cannabis hangover. So, there is a gamut of individual experiences based on anecdotal evidence,” says Thomas Folan, MD, CEO and founder of SolaceMD, an online medical cannabis information, recommendation and consultation platform. “As with so many other areas of cannabis research, more well-performed trials are needed to fully understand what is going on,” Folan notes.

The symptoms of a weed hangover range from headache, nausea, brain fog, dehydration, lethargy to dry eyes. Overconsumption, like it is with alcohol, is the key.

The symptoms of a weed hangover range from headache, nausea, brain fog, dehydration, lethargy to dry eyes. Photo: iStock / Getty Images Plus

It’s sometimes referred to as a green outcannabis poisoning or even just a really bad time—but it’s not what most people think of as an overdose.

“When we talk about overdoses in cannabis, it’s not an overdose in the strictest sense,” explains Alex Samuelsson, a cannabis scientist and educator better known as Alex the Chemist, and founder of DevCat Consulting. “When we talk about a cannabis overdose, we generally mean overconsumption.”

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, medical cannabis affects each patient differently. There is no standard dose, and those who take the wrong amount may experience psychoactive effects such as lethargy or anxiety or an unwanted “high.”

To find the right treatment plan, many experts recommend “microdosing”—essentially, experimenting with both the strains of cannabis you choose and how much you take at a time. This allows users to see how CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) affect them in various amounts and combinations.

It can be a real challenge to rise and shine if one has smoked too much the previous night. Weed hangover, the feeling of extreme tiredness and light-headedness, is real for first-time and seasoned consumers, one that’s attributed to as a “negative experience” by many users.

A Canadian company, however, is hoping to offer a fix for those limited options.

Enter LIVLI, a daily organic, non-GMO supplement that replenishes nutrients lost during cannabis use, and manufactured by Folium Labs, a Canadian nutraceutical company co-founded by Dmitri Boudovitch and Anton Umnov.

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