LADs Who Stopped Sydney Knife Attacker Insist They’re Not Heroes – LADbible

The three Manchester blokes who were involved in helping stop an alleged killer rampaging through Sydney's CBD insist they're not heroes and were just trying to help.

Paul O'Shaughnessy, 37, his brother Luke, 30 and work colleague Leith Cuthbert, made sure Mert Ney wasn't able to get away.

The 21-year-old was seen running through the CBD yesterday afternoon armed with a large knife and dripping in blood. He's been accused of stabbing one woman and is linked to another stabbing inside a nearby hotel room which left a young woman dead.

The alleged knife attacker was subdued thanks to bystanders and firefighters, who used chairs and milk crates to pin him down.

Paul has told Channel 9's Today programme: “We're just there…if we can help we can help…we're just thankful we could play our part, but there were certainly other people who got there first.

“I was looking in his eyes…you could see that he wasn't well, he was very troubled…and it was just a shame to see this weak person that had caused so much damage.”

Credit: Channel 7
Credit: Channel 7

The people who selflessly jumped into action have been praised by police and the New South Wales government

Police minister David Elliot said: “The city tonight, celebrates three brand-new heroes. And I think it would only be appropriate for the commissioner and I to thank those three individual citizens who have acted well and truly beyond the call of any citizen in bringing this offender to bear.

“Can I also congratulate those firefighters…who have also gone beyond the call of duty.

“I'll be making sure they get the appropriate accolades, and that everyone knows this is how Sydneysiders respond.”

Credit: Channel 7
Credit: Channel 7

NSW Police have released a statement following the incident.

“The 20-year-old man was taken to Day Street Police Station, before being taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he has undergone surgery for a laceration to his knee.

“He remains under police guard and is continuing to undergo treatment. It is unclear when he will be deemed medically fit to speak with investigators.”

Police have seized electronic devices, which will undergo forensic analysis and they're asking for anyone with information about Mert Ney to come forward.



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