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“We created a CBD Roll On Deodorant for our customers who were seeking a safe, non-toxic deodorant with the added benefits of Full-Spectrum, whole-plant CBD Oil,” Founder & Owner, Lafe Larson said.

CBD Oil in a deodorant is ingenious because it contains natural antibacterial elements to fight odor and can easily absorb under your arm where it won't rub off easily. 

Other whole-body benefits of CBD Oil are anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, increased skin moisture, & reduced skin irritation.

“We decided to use Full-Spectrum CBD Oil because we wanted consumers to experience the full benefits of the cannabinoids working together,” said Lafe.

About Lafe's Natural BodyCare      

Lafe grew up in the rural Midwest, raised by a mother who was a forward thinker.  He never forgot her advice: “Read the label and if you can't pronounce it, avoid it.”

Lafe's Natural Bodycare believes that people should not settle for artificial, that is why their products are made from the purest ingredients with the highest standards – natural/organic ingredients, no toxins, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, & non-GMO. 

 Lafe's began creating their formulations in 1994 and now offers a full line of personal care products – organic baby care, lip balms, & insect repellents, hair care, & bar soaps.

Lafe's Natural BodyCare is committed to creating genuine and authentic natural personal care products that promote sustainable living and support a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Lafe's believes in using business as a force for good and donates 1% of profits to breast cancer prevention & environmental awareness.

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Lafe Larson


SOURCE Lafe’s Natural BodyCare

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