Mincoqua natural medicine center opens; boasts Northwoods only sensory deprivation tank – WJFW-TV

MINOCQUA – A group of medical providers in Minocqua want people to know that not every health issue requires a trip to the doctor. Those providers hope people will seek out their natural remedies more now that they've combined resources.

Lakeland Natural Medicine cut the ribbon on its fully HIPAA compliant healthcare center Friday.

Acupuncture, life coaching services and CBD products are all available on-site. Associated providers off-site offer nutrition assistance, chiropractic care and message therapy as well as Chinese herbal medicine and placental encapsulation upon referral.

“By working together they can care for a lot more people in a lot better ways,” said owner Will Tippett. “A whole 100 per cent approach to medicine for these people as opposed to just one little piece of the puzzle.”

Tippett is married to medical center's acupuncturist; he said her business inspired him to provide a greater continuity of care for people looking to natural remedies.

“A lot of people are looking to see what's out there that isn't going to have for one the side effects that they don't want to live with every day and two is a more natural way to take care of their body,” said Tippett.

The medical center's main attraction is a 180 gallon sensory deprivation float tank. According to Tippett, it's the only one around for more than 120 miles.

He said floating in the salt soaked water has many benefits like alleviating stress and speeding up recovery time as well as helping heart and breathing problems.

Tippett believes those benefits are why even doctors are getting on board with the natural medicine trend.

“We're seeing more and more patients and clients come in that are being referred from Marshfield, Ascension, Aspirus,” said Tippett. “Western medicine is finally realizing that this natural medicine isn't going anywhere.”

Lakeland Natural Medicine hopes to attract more providers in the future like an in-house herbalist and midwives to provide assistance with natural births.

The medical center will also start hosting monthly self-care classes in August.

For more information, visit Lakeland Natural Medicine's website below.

Source: https://www.wjfw.com/storydetails/20190719181943/mincoqua_natural_medicine_center_opens_boasts_northwoods_only_sensory_deprivation_tank


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