ReThink CBD Expands with Growth Into Pet Markets with Groomers Helper® – PRNewswire

ReThink introduced its line of CBD Pet products recently at the SuperZoo pet trade show with Groomers Helper, and in pet industry publications PetAge and Pet Business. ReThink and Groomers Helper will be featured at Groom Expo in Hershey, PA from September 12-15, and the New England Grooming Show from October 11-13 in Sturbridge, MA.

ReThink CBD has a complete line of full-spectrum CBD pet products that are a powerful, natural, health and wellness supplement that help pets with ailments related to inflammation, anxiety, skin disorders like dermatitis, hot spots, and allergies as well. ReThink CBD Pet products are pesticide-free and contain Zero THC, and are lab-tested from the time of the hemp's harvest to the point every product is packaged and shipped. It is important to note that Groomers Helper will also be showcasing a ReThink CBD human wellness program that can help groomers with issues like carpal tunnel and arthritis resulting from grooming.

Every ReThink CBD product features a QR code on the label to give veterinarians, groomers and pet owners the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the product in their hand. The CBD is tested twice in the production process by independent, 3rd party, ISO-Certified laboratories.

ReThink CBD is dedicated to developing and manufacturing a wide array of natural, full-spectrum CBD products with a commitment to excellence. Our Vision is to be recognized globally as a pioneer in the world of CBD through awareness and outstanding quality products.

In addition to Pet Supply Stores and Groomers, ReThink CBD products can be found in animal hospitals & veterinarian's offices, wellness centers, hospitals, beauty supply stores, fitness locations, and independent pharmacies nationwide.


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