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Although the modern era involves a lot of technology that is supposed to make life easier, it seems to sometimes contribute to increased stress. Additionally, the non-stop news cycle can take its toll on your nerves when it seems that negative news events are prized over those that might be more positive or inspirational.

Finally, the stress that arises from one’s job and the need to earn enough to support your growing family while also setting enough aside for retirement is a requirement every adult can understand. Although these stresses will never subside, there are a variety of things to help you maintain a calm mind as well as a relaxed body.

1. Meditation

Meditation is, of course, a longstanding technique people use to manage their stress. However, what might not be as well known is that most people who meditate do not actually levitate while in a trance as their minds connect with some eternal state of mind. Instead, many people take advantage of the natural meditation that arises from common recreational or physical activities.

  • walking
  • fishing
  • yoga
  • martial arts
  • jigsaw puzzles

The above activities require a certain amount of energy and focus in order to successfully accomplish them. However, in each instance, due to the time involved with accomplishing these activities, people’s minds tend to relax. As the relaxation occurs, endorphins are released in the brain, helping to lower stress.

2. Reading

Reading is a type of mental exercise that results in increased mental activity, but this increase is not the reason reading can be so beneficial. Instead, the perspectives you get from hanging out with characters, so to speak, can provide you with additional resources and ways of thinking to help you manage your daily stress.

3. Aromatherapy

The impact of certain smells on our moods is widely known. For instance, lavender oil can help significantly reduce stress. Whether it is enjoyed via a diffuser or whether you apply it to your skin as an oil, lavender serves as a natural sedative, helping to reduce anxiety. Additionally, it helps to fight inflammation and reduce depression.

4. CBD oil

Cannabidiol is the primary oil extracted from the cannabis plant, otherwise known as marijuana. It is commonly used to help with pain, but one of its primary benefits involves helping people to manage stress and reduce anxiety. Researchers have discovered that CBD oil impacts areas of the brain that deal with stress. Specifically, CBD oil stimulates CB1 receptors in the brain. This chemical process results in a calming experience that helps relieve general and social anxiety.

5. More music

Music is a known stimulant for creativity, and it is used to help develop the brains of growing children. However, listening to certain types of music over others can have a calming effect that can help people deal with problems. For instance, classical music can help lower blood pressure and pulse rate. The result of this biological response to music is lower anxiety. Ironically, social events like karaoke that center around music can also relieve anxiety even though karaoke, itself, might seem terrifying for many people.

Finally, singing to music can help reduce anxiety. In terms of the aforementioned meditation, some music can be combined with meditation to increase the beneficial impact on mood and peace of mind.

6. Change the conversation

Researchers specializing in behavior analysis have a tried-and-true technique of helping to reduce stress, and this technique centers around the idea of introducing change into one’s environment. Whatever stressful thoughts you might be having, this change in environment or routine can be a good way to change the conversation, as it were.

The secret of this technique is that changing the environment or routine helps to end one’s ability to obsess over certain thoughts. This change can be a movie or a trip to the library. It can involve going for a walk or a drive. The activity does not really matter. In fact, all that matters is that if you are feeling overly stressed, all you have to do is change the scene. As your mind focuses on the requirements of this new scene, as your interest is piqued by new stimuli, the stressful talk track in your head will also change. When it does, your stress will lower.



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