What is CBD Oil? CBD For Back Pain, Inflammation: Answers by a Compound Pharmacist

We working? all right guys, hey welcome! My name is Stephen Dunn, I'm with CORE Therapy & Pilates and today I have a very special guest, Tom Schnorr, from Austin Compounding Pharmacy I'm gonna have him introduce himself

Am I saying that right? Perfect and he's gonna be telling, here to discuss all things CBD! I have been getting an onslaught of questions for the last six months, maybe year about CBD being used for back pain, being used for inflammation, being used for all kind of different things and I really don't know the answers to the questions that I'm getting and I know Tom here down the street with his compound pharmacy, knows a lot more about it than I do so I wanted to get together with him today to have him answer some of these questions so that my clients, my audience can get a better understanding of this this new, this new thing that's available and is available in Texas, it is available in other states and different with different laws that we're gonna talk about that a little bit, but real briefly I want to tell my story of kind of what got me interested in this from the get-go, in 2003 I had a travel position where I was working in Sonoma Valley Hospital for about a year and in that time of working there medical marijuana laws were legal in California now I didn't know anything about CBD maybe CBD was allowed at the time, I had no idea but what I noticed at the time was that I had clients that would come in at 7, 8, 9 in the morning and they would reek of marijuana and I just, I found it kind of odd, but they paid attention, they listened to what I said, they participated in the treatment and then they went off to work and they did their thing and then I had clients that would come in in the middle of the day, early afternoon and these were the clients that were on oxycontin, they were on vicodins, they were on different types of hard pharmaceutical narcotics and what I noticed about these people, they kind of walked in, kind of like a zombie, their eyes are rolled back in their head, they weren't very, they did not participate in the therapy, they were just kind of here they were there to sign in and get their workers comp check or whatever they weren't participating, they didn't want to get better and I looked at that over the course of a year and I started to change my my perceptions of what this medicinal marijuana was, I didn't understand it, I really did think they were just pot heads that wanted to get high, I'll be honest but I didn't understand it and I, looking back on it now that I've been living in Texas for 14 years it's a very interesting concept and now we've seen these laws change in certain states, really I believe every state has some CBD availabilities or laws that allow CBD but each state's a little different with the cannabis aspects of it and whether you're getting your CBD from cannabis or you're getting it from hemp so with that said, that's kind of my story and I'm super interested in getting all of my clients off of opiates, we all know there's a huge epidemic with that right now and I'm very passionate about my service which is physical therapy, which is a non-narcotic, non-invasive form of therapy but there needs to be more for a lot of my clients and so I and my clients are asking me the questions, so with that said here's Tom, Austin Compounding Pharmacy Tom tell us a little bit about your journey into this world Thanks Stephen, good morning everybody, how are y'all doing? My name is Tom Schnorr, I have been a pharmacist now for thirty something years, clinical nutritionist since 2001 is what I finally accept for my board examinations, the clinical nutritionist takes supplements, nutrition, vitamins, food, everything that God gave us to complement the prescription medications to help heal the body, so I practiced functional pharmacy I have board-certified in pain management since 1993 and it was using implantable pumps, lots of opiates, lots of narcotics both topical, injectable, oral

combining it and using medications to decrease the side effects I've sat and watched the opiate epidemic create, I've been in the community for years and I've lost many friends behind it, might have great sadness of how easily is acquired and how quick it is given out and how rapidly, how rapidly the addiction is there When I first got boarded in pain management they actually taught us if you have pain you cannot get addicted and that was just a marketing lie by the manufacturers and we bought it because we were wanting to do something, we wanted to help somehow and now fast forward 20 years we have 13 people dying every minute in the states and across Maine they lose 36 people a month that little tiny state Texas is phenomenal, the addiction is crazy and we have things out there we can CBD oil and you know, Stephen's great story about seeing his two class of clients come in and his own personal bias that he experienced coming from his education, I too was there, I saw the people that were using marijuana and such as just being the slackers of the world, bless their hearts and they have come in here and taught me different, no they're the ones that showed me that the judicious use of marijuana extracts make the pain management work better, bring about a healing, there's, I've seen so many examples of using functional medicine and Chinese medicine and other other meds out there that complement the use of Western medicine to make them work better, to decrease side-effects, to protect the liver, to recover the kidneys, to cut down side effects of all their meds, it's the same with the extracts were getting from THC and hemp

Now though the sad thing is there's been there's so much pushback from the government and law and from reefer madness, the movie of the century, right, that taught us it's dangerous and it yes it can be, but we cannot let it also hold us back from using it medicinally What we are challenged with and they come into the store often what, we have it here first and foremost, it is here our own place I screen it, qualify it, certify that it's exactly what's in the bottle and nothing else and help to council in the proper use of it People are asking me so Tom is it legal to use CBD in Texas and the answer is yes it is, it was a hundred percent legal, it's actually even the doctors can write a prescription in Texas for only two diseases epilepsy of adolescent of two different very odd varieties, funny laws about how to do it the DEA just now on the 25th of June of 2018 has been given notice by the FDA that the FDA has approved a marijuana derived CBD oil Tom, what's CBD? what's THC? there are their alkaloids, they're active molecules, very cute molecules by the way, I love them, the THC creates both CBD alkaloids and THC alkaloids there's a four to five to six in each class and each have a different activity as we are enduring bioengineering enough in the fields and the gardens to modify marijuana to extract, to raise different levels of the terpenoids, were making them tailored for a particular patient, a particular type of need one that helps me better for gut, one that helps it better for my ligaments and joints, one that helps me you softened myself so I can tolerate Stephen beating me up in PT, trust me, I was with him for six months, he beats you up and it's great so the THC can only come from the marijuana plant, CBD cannot create any THC, well it makes a small amount but is allowed and permitted at point zero five percent THC content per CBD The safest way in Texas right now is to make sure the CBD oil product you're using is derived from hemp oil and hemp oil only I make sure all of mine that come into the pharmacy are only hemp derived so it provides you safety from the law and also if you end up if you're in business to where you do have your random urine screens you will pass with flying colors, you will not pop positive for marijuana so that has been well tested, we tested on among our crew here, we all did it, took it out tested it and we had some people who were regular users of my products and they tested negative, so it worked I hadn't thought of that yeah yeah we just tested to clear that up you know the manufacturer said, well let's just prove it you know and we did, we did and it was marvelous so my first suggestion is if you can use a CBD, use it from hemp derived, if you're going to use it from the marijuana derived, it is much more potent and yes there are really good data and research showing that the CBD CBD combined with small amounts of THC actually are better for pain, depression, anxiety, gut movement, mood elevation and they have some great ones that don't have any of the psychotropic of the you know of the marijuana of our College and high school days, so those are not available here in Texas, you have to go to California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah Massachusetts, Illinois you, so you just have to go elsewhere, lots of clients are doing that and I always recommend starting with just pure hemp product here specie experiment there and so so kind of as the law we are at now people will ask me, Tom can there you can you make it into a pain Joe and hand it to the pain yellow should make money and I go no I can't because the FDA DEA has not yet said we can use EPO in our compound laboratory so we don't I just say here's my compound prescription for you and here's the oil you know and I'll show you how to go home and put the two together for Yubel and put it into a pump and take care of it that way that's the best we can do so the next question I get is can it help my cannon help me can I help my family can help my dogs we just went to the fourth of July and each of the animals that I was babysitting all got a small dose on a treat of CBD oil and they have no anxiety they were just peaceful and calm and just happy campers I think every dog should get some for fourth of July I'm sure either 4th of July treat there's no stress at the fire oh yeah it just makes them calm in it and if your dog is in the small frame and is the is the battery-powered doorbell as I love to call that a small dose of CBD can work with some some good therapy help them break that habit so super-safe questions are what what kind of doses that is so big so big so big the epileptic dosing that we have studies we're using is a hundred milligrams topically on the feet of a child in an epileptic seizure within a minute the seizure is resolved dosing for animals I use one and two milligrams I start there and I just keep creeping up if they're just if they don't want to get up and go for walk you know they got too much so that's kind of how I doze for us humans is kind of the same dose is generally twice a day as all you need to do it anywhere from 2 milligrams to as high as 50 milligrams it's just really hurt when you get into the high high doses that's when you have to think about might be a candidate for going to California or Colorado and keep it out on the backside and don't tell but you will not be I had many people go there to fly there get it come back they don't check then it's just so take that as you can but say how do I take it pretty much when I'm compounding medication for folks I like to ask you how would you like to take a medication would you swallow it would you put it on an oral would you like to rub it into a local area and it's the same for CBD it comes as an oil and we can put it you would find it in capsules with varying strengths mixed with tumeric is very good to make it absorb better and break down that turmeric with it and putting it in with more oil say some ghee some butter some coconut oil makes it absorb much better there's also topical a lot of people use a topical pain gel mixing with menthol and eugenol of things and I love doing that and you can rub it into local areas like a hip and knee injury those are wonderful for kids and for adults of people with arthritis and put it up through soap your knee and then go see Steve and get your knee work out now it's perfect been dosing it's very wide if you if you're sitting on the couch and you didn't want to move for a couple hours it's a little too much okay so sort of dial it back down where do I find it I carry it either find places get it you can buy it on the Internet you're really careful know your supplier know where you're going there's no real inspections going on the infantry get to know who's making it for you because you want good quality there are four normal alkaloids found in vbe and terpenoids that are output but the popular ones the most to common or a and B and they are the most common ones found and nearly every product out there is just the a right there are a few out there that are both a B and D and I only know one company with all four I do like when it's a blend more like two or more of the terpenoids it just seems to work better and have a broader activity for everybody myself I like to use a spray or a drop with an oil I just drop it in the mouth great amount and has a cinnamon flavor or spearmint flavor or an or unflavored in flavors are great for the dogs they love it and they even have dog treats and don't mean they just jump at it be careful your kids might like it too they make super concentrated this one is 50 something milligrams for dropper dropper full which is a very high dose there's topicals this mint they've added menthol eugenol and a few other things to make it like a sports ball and so you get this an auditory buy-in and then it absorbs in about two minutes you can just feel whatever pain has gotten soft so they're making pumps jars full of it a particular company out of Austin has come out with one that tastes like an Altoid it's cinnamon it is as strong as an L so if you really like something they make a cinnamon or mega experiment for others but this is one their my carry 5 or 6 there's great ones out there there's some great ones on the internet there's not so good one so be careful don't go to the head shop choose many answers when they don't know or go to other find help function as providers for it oh gosh question for you yes to be clear mm-hmm the CBD whether it's coming from the cannabis plant or the hemp plant is not a psychopath no matter what it's running from but it looks coming from candidates it is a little stronger and has a possibly a strong Republican see stronger effect it'll have a because they can't extract all the THC out that'd be a higher relevancy venom THC in there and that could trigger psychoactive but it will definitely contribute a positive drug screen if you have drug screen issues and that's a guy that a lot of folks have their day jobs chat it's it but those are much stronger much more potent and and as of just last or two weeks ago the FDA's approved it and we do have one at one drug mail as a mail and now the DEA has to reclassify hemp and marijuana from still on schedule one down to a twos we're moving through the process I know in my lifetime we it will get legal I don't believe Texas will legalize it directly I believe the feds will do it got it you know we're gonna hide the money so buying you can support it use it what I love about it I can sit tell you multiple stories of my my patients who I've known for years on pain management who have cut their opiate use down to a third and their primary care doctors going thank you because they are getting such pushback from the politics of the opiate war that that was created by the drug companies themselves you know up to all of us to work together to help each other because there will be sadness there will be some suffering as we all find it get a rebalance when I have a client for me to say my doctor will not give me X Y Z because they got pushback by an inspection and when we go what do we do I go we cry we use lower strength stuff for a while and we had a lot of CBD and we go see Steve and we go get everything we can we change our diet we get we change we take negative energy out of our lives we get a little more good massage therapy physical we do we seek out actively seek out anybody who could help raise our healing and and I am so glad to see where we're at today it's changing with the seat were what we've got with CVD it's a it's a big chink opening up the rest of the rest of the world the rest of Western medicine to the reality that we need to bring it no more natural medicines in here and thank you thank you well last week I was in Colorado for spring break I'm sorry not some great fourth of July and while I was there I decided to go into one of the shops the the legal chops just ask questions there and I asked him if I could oh yeah and what was interesting is that what they told me was that there were quite a few different types of things you could get some had like a 5:1 ratio THC and like that will give you a little bit there was ten to one or twenty five to one these different ratios and I found that interesting because that what they said and again I don't remember exactly they said that they said if the more cannabis is its using the more THC this and it helps deliver the CBD better for certain conditions but not necessarily all condition right and so that was just kind of resonating bit right that is it truly isn't as a science and it's not a mad science like I kind of thought it was it's a truly a we don't have all the answers and thank God we're all experimenting and I will share with all of our with all the kids out here I have been a recovery 38 years I do not want to take a drug that cycle I do I don't want to change my sobriety I have been using CBD personally on my setup for the last year and a half and it has really work to bring me a sense of peace and calm it has really worked to aid me and growing up and doing some development and and there's been no psychoactive activities to it I'm just as silly and goofy I know where I leave my car keys lethargy paranoia – yeah oil caps on my head and Cheetos it just wasn't many fun and then when this DVD showed up I thought it'd be the same like same structure same family you know this chemist over you know I don't think much of it but I saw my clients of my friends skinning great growth and then it's like Tove and I had a sat down with Stanford microbiologist botanist – just opened my mind to what they're doing to make this into medicine making it creating medicine from it and and people go Tom these are just plants like yes but you know we're all right antibiotics come from molds and fungus is along the side on the roots of trees in the Amazon forest that's our first antibiotic was penicillin a mold growing on a piece of white tooks white bread so this is where all our drugs were created by God yeah and let me just clean them up packaging but make it look cute yeah well guys this has been great to do this with Tom I can't met him a few weeks back and we scheduled this and I just knew that I'm we need more of this information now it's it's it's growing and we need this education out there amongst the general population because we know the opiate epidemic is gone mad people still need opiates I'm not saying that but it has been a choice of long-term chronic pain treatment for way too long and this CD revolution seems to be a new way of addressing many things on many levels so I'm super excited about it thank you for your expertise and we're gonna wrap it up if you have any questions type them in the comments whenever you watch this and we'll get get some answers to you and thanks for your time guys and we'll see y'all around and take care thank you down alright so if y'all want I have a 70 slide ships lemony picture slideshow on educating the science behind CBD simulate Facebook me I'm out there under top snore and drug snore or Austin compounding pharmacy you can email me at drugs nor this SCH and O Double R at gmail and I can send you the slideshow to start teaching about the science behind CV and how prevalent it is in all plants that's what I did know it there's a little bit nearly every plant out there and don't we created an array now hi any bits we know we have the capacity for catalyzing so it has been there with us for centuries thank you all right don't take yeah a great day we'll see us


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